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For an unforgettable Goa getaway, HolidaysCrowd holiday packages are the ideal choice. Offering a diverse array of customizable Goa tours catering to every type of traveler from Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, or Bangalore, HolidaysCrowd provides access to over 122 tour packages with unparalleled deals and discounts. Explore the key Goa sightseeing points through a variety of experiential tours and activities thoughtfully included in HolidaysCrowd’s Goa Tour Packages.

Whether you're planning a brief escapade or an extensive itinerary, seeking a leisurely retreat or an adventurous holiday, HolidaysCrowd has the perfect Goa vacation tour for you. Elevate your experience by checking out our opulent Goa Tour Packages, presenting the finest hotels and inclusions crafted to indulge you during your Goa vacation. For additional insights into Goa travel, such as the optimal time to visit, transportation details, and a myriad of activities, don't hesitate to explore further.

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Best Goa Tour Packages in 2023


Package Name Duration Inclusions Price
Amazing Goa Flight Inclusive Deal 4N Package 5 Days/4 Nights Hotels, Flights, Transfers ₹20,996
Goa Fully Loaded on a Budget Package 5 Days/4 Nights Hotels, Flights, Activities ₹19,013
All-Inclusive 4N Holiday - Flights, Sightseeing & Transfers Package 5 Days/4 Nights Hotels, Flights, Activities, Transfers ₹25,825
Amazing Goa Flight Inclusive Deal 3N Package 4 Days/3 Nights Hotels, Flights, Transfers ₹17,421
All-Inclusive 3N Holiday - Flights, Sightseeing & Transfers Package 4 Days/3 Nights Hotels, Flights, Activities, Transfers ₹22,325
Goan Escape at Unbeatable Price- 4 Star Stay Package 4 Days/3 Nights Hotels, Transfers ₹8,707
All-Inclusive 5N Holiday - Flights, Sightseeing & Transfers Package 6 Days/5 Nights Hotels, Flights, Activities, Transfers ₹27,388
All-Inclusive 4N Holiday - Flights, Sightseeing & Transfers Package 5 Days/4 Nights Hotels, Flights, Activities, Transfers ₹25,825
All-Inclusive 3N Holiday - Flights, Sightseeing & Transfers Package 4 Days/3 Nights Hotels, Flights, Activities, Transfers ₹22,325
All-Inclusive 5N Holiday - Flights, Sightseeing & Transfers Package 6 Days/5 Nights Hotels, Flights, Activities, Transfers ₹27,388


Ready to step out in style with your sunglasses and flip flops, making the most of that sunscreen while frolicking on the beach? Goa, a haven for beach enthusiasts in India, is adored by both Indian and international tourists. Renowned for its expansive sandy beaches, this destination offers more than just sun and sand. Goa boasts a multitude of enjoyable activities to keep you engaged day and night. The nightlife in Goa, buzzing with hustle and bustle, is sure to exceed your expectations.

For those not drawn to Goa's nightlife, the destination offers a plethora of water sports. Iconic beaches like Baga and Calangute provide water sports for both amateurs and professionals. Tourists can partake in a variety of activities, including jet-skiing, parasailing, banana boat rides, water scooter rides, and more. Customize your Goa trip plan with a package that includes a diverse range of these activities. Don't settle for less when exciting Goa offers are available on HolidaysCrowd!

Explore the HolidaysCrowd website or app for a variety of offers on Goa tour packages, including specially curated packages for couples and family holiday packages for Goa. Book your Goa honeymoon package with accommodations near the famous beaches. Many HolidaysCrowd Goa packages also feature special add-ons like complimentary transfers and Goa sightseeing, enhancing the convenience of your Goa holiday. So, take the plunge and plan a Goa getaway by selecting the most suitable Goa tour package for an unforgettable experience.


Best Time to Visit Goa:


Discovering Goa's warm and humid climate year-round, typical of tropical regions, is essential for planning your visit. May, the hottest month, sees peak temperatures exceeding 35°C along with high humidity. The optimal time to experience Goa's charm is from November to February. During this period, the weather remains pleasantly cool, attracting tourists for Christmas and New Year celebrations on the bustling beaches. For a quieter experience with family or a partner, consider March and April, avoiding the super peak season and excessive warming.

Explore exclusive Goa tourism packages for families and honeymooners offered by HolidaysCrowd. Alternatively, relish the romantic Goa weather during the monsoon rains, visiting from mid-June to October. This period offers a serene escape from the crowds, perfect for a romantic stay in a Goa resort.

Pack your bags and discover the best Goa tour packages tailored to your vacation time and budget on HolidaysCrowd.


How to Reach Goa:


Depending on your booked Goa package, reach this vibrant destination by air, rail, or road. The Goa International Airport connects to cities across India and international destinations like Doha and Dubai. Trains from Mumbai and other major cities in India, including the Konkan Railway, provide rail access to Goa. Additionally, buses connect Goa with cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Mangalore, Hyderabad, and Pune.

Plan your Goa trip with HolidaysCrowd and stay alert for seasonal discounts on Goa packages, making your vacation even more enticing.


Best beaches in Goa


Explore Goa's Breathtaking Beaches with HolidaysCrowd

When you think of Goa, the first image that comes to mind is undoubtedly its stunning beaches. Goa boasts some of the world's most beautiful beaches, making them a must-visit on your itinerary. Here's our curated list of the top and most famous beaches in Goa. Enhance your Goa package experience by including a visit to these pristine shores! If you're booking a Goa honeymoon package, consider indulging in a stay at a beachfront hotel for an unforgettable experience.


Beach Name Description Highlights
Baga Beach Known for its thriving nightlife, Baga Beach in North Goa is famous for full moon beach parties with amazing DJ beats. - Scuba diving and colorful aquatic flora and fauna - Parasailing, wakeboarding, wind and kite surfing, jet skiing, and more - Lively nightlife with beachside shacks serving delicious food
Calangute Beach Often called the "Queen of Beaches," Calangute is a golden sand beach in North Goa, renowned for its water activities and beach shacks. - Exciting watersports like parasailing, water surfing, banana ride, and jet-skiing - Vibrant beachside with eateries offering a wide range of seafood - Ideal for families and groups of friends
Palolem Beach A crescent-shaped white sand beach in South Goa, Palolem Beach is famous for its leisurely atmosphere and vibrant party scene. - Relaxing stroll or vibrant party experience - Spectacular views of nature - Beach shacks selling seafood, snacks, souvenirs, and more
Anjuna Beach Located 18 kilometers from Panjim, Anjuna Beach in North Goa boasts soft sands, breezy palms, and unique black rock formations. - Soft sands and breezy palms - Watersports like parasailing, water surfing, and banana ride - Buzzing with partygoers year-round - Weekly flea market with diverse offerings
Candolim Beach Pristine and scrub-covered sand dunes characterize Candolim Beach in North Goa, offering a tranquil environment and diverse water activities. - Pristine white sandy beach - Water activities like water-skiing, parasailing, jet-skiing, and more - Ideal for recreational activities like meditation and yoga - Shopping for souvenirs and handicrafts
Vagator Beach Vagator Beach, considered one of the prettiest in North Goa, features a rocky and sandy landscape with stunning views of palm groves and red cliffs. - Rocky and sandy beach with stunning views - 17th-century Chapora Fort as a charming attraction - Sunset views and local cuisines at beachside shacks - Ideal for couples with a romantic ambiance
Arambol Beach Arambol Beach in North Goa, approximately 35 kilometers from the main city, is known for its clean and laid-back atmosphere. - Clean and laid-back atmosphere - Long stretch of sand with palm-fringed shoreline - Famous Banyan Tree associated with The Beatles - Ideal for a quiet Goa holiday amidst peaceful surroundings
Mobor Beach Mobor Beach in South Goa is known for its picturesque setting with pure white sand and crystal-clear waters, offering a calm atmosphere. - Picturesque setting with white sand and clear waters - Thrilling activities like water-skiing, wind-surfing, and jet-skiing - Lined with beach shacks offering Goan dishes - Ideal for tourists and watersport lovers
Colva Beach Colva Beach in South Goa is popular for its exciting watersports activities, historical monuments, and vibrant nightlife. - Watersports like snorkeling, speed boat riding, parasailing, and more - Coconut palms and monuments showcasing Portuguese history - Explore local life with fishermen hauling in massive nets - Vibrant nightlife with pubs, bars, and beach shacks
Sinquerim Beach Sinquerim Beach in North Goa is known for its stunning sandy stretch and offers a range of water sports activities. - Stunning sandy stretch with water activities - Water-skiing, parasailing, fishing, scuba diving, and more - Magnificent 17th-century fort (now a prison) - Luxury resorts like Taj Fort Aguada Resort & Spa and Vivanta By Taj


Discover Beyond the Beaches with HolidaysCrowd


While Goa's beaches are a highlight, there's more to explore beyond the shoreline. HolidaysCrowd offers a holistic experience for your Goa honeymoon trip or family holiday with a diverse range of attractions. Consider including these significant Goa tourist places in your itinerary:

  • Cultural Attractions: Immerse yourself in Goa's rich culture by exploring historic forts, churches, and temples.

  • Wildlife Sanctuaries: Discover the diverse flora and fauna at Goa's wildlife sanctuaries, providing a unique natural experience.

  • Adventure Activities: Spice up your trip with thrilling adventure activities like trekking, river rafting, and more.

  • Local Markets: Explore vibrant markets to indulge in shopping for souvenirs, local crafts, and spices.

Make your Goa city tour or excursion unforgettable by including these diverse attractions. HolidaysCrowd ensures your Goa holiday goes beyond the ordinary, creating lasting memories for you and your loved ones. Book your customized Goa package today!


Explore Goa's Diverse Attractions with HolidaysCrowd


  1. Grand Island - An Adventurer's Paradise: Discover the thrill at Grand Island, one of South Goa's popular islands. Embark on a boat ride to enjoy a range of water sports, including diving, snorkeling, and fishing. Marvel at cheerful dolphins in the Arabian Sea and catch sight of attractions like Aguada Fort and Millionaire’s Palace. Book your Grand Island tour with HolidaysCrowd, a favored inclusion in our Goa honeymoon packages.

  2. Dudhsagar Waterfalls - Nature's Magnificence: Located in South Goa, Dudhsagar Falls captivates with its breathtaking cascade from a height of 1,017 feet. Surrounded by lush jungle, it offers a serene yet spectacular sight. Capture amazing photos of the pure white water plunging into an emerald lake. Experience the allure of Dudhsagar Falls on your Goa holiday, especially for couples and groups of friends.

  3. Fort Aguada - A Historical Marvel: Witness Portuguese architecture at its finest at Fort Aguada, constructed in the early 16th century. Overlooking the Arabian Sea, the fort provides a stunning view of the coastline. Explore the 13-meter high lighthouse, vaulted cistern, and the Church of St. Lawrence. Capture beautiful moments at this UNESCO World Heritage Site, a must-visit on your North Goa tour.

  4. Chapora Fort - A Leisurely Stroll: Enjoy a leisurely stroll at Chapora Fort, perched atop a hill in North Goa. The fort offers panoramic views of the Chapora River and the surrounding landscape. Built in 1617 by the Portuguese, the fort is now in ruins but provides an ideal spot to appreciate the beauty of Vagator and Anjuna beaches.

  5. Basilica of Bom Jesus - A Spiritual Retreat: Immerse yourself in the Baroque style architecture of the Basilica of Bom Jesus, a popular church in North Goa. Housing the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier, this UNESCO World Heritage Site showcases mosaic Corinthian style interiors. Admire the charm of this historic church on your Old Goa city tour with HolidaysCrowd.

  6. Anjuna Flea Market - Shop and Indulge: Dive into the vibrant Anjuna Flea Market, one of North Goa's coolest markets. Shop for unique items, indulge in delicious cuisines, and enjoy live local bands. From dreadlock makers to exotic cuisines, the market offers a mix of experiences. Located near Anjuna Beach, it's a perfect destination for couples and groups of friends.

  7. Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary - Nature's Haven: For nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary in the Western Ghats is a must-visit. Explore the diverse flora and fauna, including leopards, deer, and a variety of bird species. With a mini zoo, botanical garden, and more, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary offers a unique natural experience.

  8. Mapusa Friday Market - Shop Local: Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the Mapusa Friday Market. This traditional Goan market, held every Friday, showcases local items, antiques, pottery, textiles, and more. Explore different sections like the spice street, bakery, and fish street for a delightful shopping experience.

  9. Dona Paula - Scenic Beauty and Legend: Just 7km from Panjim, Dona Paula Beach in North Goa offers stunning views of the Marmugao harbor. Engage in watersports, explore nearby attractions like Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, and enjoy a lovely view of the Arabian Sea. Dona Paula is steeped in legend, making it a fascinating stop on your Goa tour.

  10. Arvalem Waterfall - Majestic Cascades: Witness the spectacular sight of Arvalem Waterfall as it cascades down from a height of 50 meters into a serene lake. Surrounded by lush greenery and hilly slopes, it's an ideal spot for picnics. Explore the well-maintained park and nearby attractions like the Rudraksha Temple and Arvalem rock caves.

Discover the diverse wonders of Goa with HolidaysCrowd, creating memorable experiences for every traveler. Book your customized Goa package today!


Delight Your Palate with Authentic Goan Cuisine

Experience the Culinary Wonders of Goa with HolidaysCrowd

  1. Xacuti Curry - A Spicy Delight: Savor the richness of Xacuti curry, a spicy coconut-based dish spiced with red chillies, nutmeg, and star anise. Traditionally made with chicken but also available with pork or crab, pair it with Goan red rice, Poi, or Pao for an authentic Goan culinary experience.

  2. Goan Desserts - Coconut-Based Sweet Indulgence: Dive into a variety of coconut-based sweets like 'boll,' 'dodol,' 'dosh,' and 'bebinca.' Each dessert offers a unique taste and texture, with 'bebinca' being a must-try Goan bakery delight. Indulge in these sweet delights to complete your authentic Goan dining experience.

  3. Fried Fish - Crunchy Seafood Delight: Treat your taste buds to the special 'Rava fried fish.' Prepared by stuffing the fish with a paste of garlic, ginger, and red chillies, this mouth-watering delight promises a crunchy and flavorful experience. Create sublime memories of Goan cuisine during your Goa holiday.

  4. Goan Street Food - A Gastronomic Adventure: Explore the diverse world of Goan street food, featuring beef croquettes, egg chops, fish chops, vada pav, cutlet bread, prawn rissoi, and more. Sample the exceptional flavors from Goa's unique bakeries and roadside eateries for an unforgettable culinary journey.

  5. Caldinho Curry - A Mellow Coconut-Based Delight: Indulge in the sweetish and mellow flavors of Caldinho curry, another coconut-based Goan delight. Available with chicken, prawns, or vegetables, this curry offers a perfect balance for those seeking Goan flavors without the intensity of high spice levels.

Discover Beyond Goa's Beaches with HolidaysCrowd

Explore Unique Activities and Experiences

  1. Hot Air Ballooning - Soar Above Goa's Beauty: Elevate your Goa experience with hot air ballooning. Witness the sun, sand, and greenery from a breathtaking vantage point. Soar over the serene blue waters, shimmering beaches, and lush green landscapes for a unique perspective. Add this enchanting activity to your Goa honeymoon package for an unforgettable adventure.

  2. Sailing/Yacht Ride - Coastal Bliss: Sail across the azure waters of the Arabian Sea on a yacht ride. Enjoy mesmerizing views of the vast blue sea and Goa's picturesque coastline. Optimal for witnessing breathtaking sunsets, a yacht ride offers a relaxed and refreshing experience. Make lasting memories with your family and friends during this leisurely cruise.

  3. Dolphin Spotting - Captivating Sea Creatures: Embark on a thrilling dolphin spotting adventure, a highlight for tourists in Goa. Witness dolphins gracefully swimming alongside your boat, offering a close encounter with these lovely creatures. Palolem Beach, Sinquerim Beach, and Morjim Beach are ideal spots for this captivating experience, customizable in your HolidaysCrowd Goa package.

  4. Crocodile Tour - Wild Encounters: Immerse yourself in a unique crocodile tour through Goa's marshy areas surrounded by dense mangroves. Witness wild crocodiles in their natural habitat, relaxing by the riverbanks. Ideal for nature lovers and families, this tour also provides opportunities to spot various beautiful bird species.

  5. Clubbing - Groove to Goa's Beats: Experience Goa's vibrant nightlife by exploring its best clubs. Dance to trance music, revel in neon lights, and enjoy exotic drinks at renowned spots like Love Passion Karma and Club Cubana. Make the most of your nights in Goa and add a touch of excitement to your holiday.

  6. Afternoon at a Beach Shack - Relaxed Seaside Retreat: Unwind with a laid-back afternoon at one of Goa's many beach shacks. These popular Goa tourist places offer wooden benches, beach loungers, and hammocks for the perfect relaxed setting. Enjoy authentic seafood, soak up the sun, and indulge in your favorite book, creating cherished moments with friends and family.

Immerse yourself in the diverse experiences Goa has to offer with HolidaysCrowd. Customize your Goa package today for a journey filled with unique adventures and culinary delights!


Spice Up Your Goa Adventure

Enhance Your Goa Experience with HolidaysCrowd

  1. Visit a Spice Plantation - Aromatic Exploration: Add a fragrant touch to your Goa sightseeing by exploring a spice plantation. Immerse yourself in the manufacturing of spices, learning about their growth and cultivation. Take a sensory journey through the aromatic plantation and consider bringing home some freshly manufactured spices. A spice plantation tour is a popular choice in Goa packages, suitable for families and couples alike.

  2. Try a Goan Meal - Culinary Delights: Indulge in the flavors of authentic Goan cuisine during your trip. Influenced by Portuguese, Indian, and Catholic flavors, Goan dishes offer a unique taste. Relish mouth-watering specialties such as Goan fish curry, Chicken Xacuti, Prawn Vindaloo, and the traditional dessert Bebinca. Top Goa restaurants like Pousada by the Beach, Martin’s Corner, Soi, Souza Lobo, and Mum’s Kitchen serve delectable and authentic Goan dishes.

  3. Hire a Scooty - Personalized Exploration: Explore Goa at your own pace by hiring a scooty. Roam through charming city and village streets, discovering picturesque beaches, vibrant shops, and historical landmarks. Enjoy the freedom to crash beach parties, stroll along the shore, explore local markets, and savor seafood at beach shacks. A scooty hire is a must-do for a personalized Goa trip with friends or as part of a Goa honeymoon package.

  4. Go Shopping in Panjim - Retail Paradise: Panjim in North Goa offers a shopping haven, from street markets to trendy malls. Wander through the Municipal Market for local handicrafts, Goan spices, handmade jewelry, and unique souvenirs at reasonable prices. Explore high-end stores and malls like Caculo Mall for designer clothes and Barefoot for stylish Bohemian home décor items. Marcou Artifacts caters to art lovers with Goan and Portuguese ceramics.

Plan Your Ultimate Goa Getaway with HolidaysCrowd

Create Lasting Memories with Unforgettable Experiences

We hope this guide to Goa's diverse attractions and activities helps you plan your perfect Goa holiday. Customize your HolidaysCrowd Goa package to include these unique experiences and make your dream Goa trip a reality!


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