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Best places to visit in Bali

Best places to visit in Bali

3 December 2023

12 Unique Places to Visit in Bali in 2024


Bali is more than just a destination; it's a paradise for adventure seekers and surf enthusiasts, with its magnificent landscape, breathtaking architecture, and serene beaches. 


This Indonesian paradise reveals a universe of one-of-a-kind experiences that set it apart from anywhere else on earth. Among the countless local attractions presenting Bali's rich cultural tapestry, there are sites that raise the Balinese ambience to its authentic finest. These are more than just stops on your Bali itinerary; they are portals to the true soul of the island. 


Read on to learn about such 13 places to visit in Bali that will make your journey a really special and unforgettable trip.


  1. Uluwatu Temple


Perched proudly on the cliff's edge, Uluwatu Temple offers a spectacle of breathtaking beauty and profound spirituality. As the sun sets, casting its golden glow upon the southwestern tip of the Bukit Peninsula, the boundless ocean's panoramic views unfold before you. For the people of Bali, this isn't just a temple; it's a guardian, a protector against unseen forces. 


The significance of Uluwatu extends beyond what is visible, rippling throughout the island's very essence. The temple comes alive with the mesmerising rhythms of the Kecak dance with each descending sunlight. Dancers recount Ramayana stories against the backdrop of the roaring ocean, connecting you to the ancient myths. 


  1. Kuta Beach


Imagine this: Bali's southwestern coast, a sun-soaked haven brimming with dynamic energy, along with golden sands and consistent waves - that’s what Kuta Beach offers you. The picturesque beach attracts surfers and beachgoers from all around the world.


So, what makes Kuta one of the popular attractions in Bali? 


A lively atmosphere - imagine basking in the sun during the day, surf schools shaping the next wave masters, and beach vendors adding to the colourful chorus - that’s what Kuta offers. The beachfront presents a magnificent spectacle, studded with beach clubs, bars, and restaurants that await your arrival.


  1. Besakih Temple


Besakih Temple, often known as Bali's Mother Temple, delivers an unforgettable spiritual journey.


This sacred landmark is a vast tapestry of shrines, courtyards, and staircases weaving tales of old traditions, tucked gently on the slopes of the great Mount Agung. Besakih is a pilgrimage place, a vibrant centre for ceremonies that draws believers from all across Bali. 


But what truly defines Besakih is the amazing panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. As you pass through its sacred spaces, you will feel a spiritual ambience in addition to the breathtaking scenes.


  1. Jatiluwih Green Land


Want to take a look at Bali’s sustainable agricultural practices? Hop on over to Jatiluwih Green Land. This is a living testimony to Bali's stunning natural beauty and inventive agricultural craftsmanship. 


Jatiluwih is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with vast rice terraces that have been painstakingly designed to tumble down the hillsides, revealing a mesmerising mosaic of emerald green. The ancient Subak system, an irrigation marvel dating back to the 9th century, is what makes Jatiluwih a fantastic place to visit in Bali.


Unlike other crowded tourist sites, Jatiluwih has a calm ambience that allows you to interact with beautiful landscapes and the rhythmic poetry of traditional agriculture. 


  1. Gitgit Waterfall


Gitgit Waterfall is a hidden beauty in Bali's beautiful northern highlands. Not just the destination but the journey to this breathtaking cascade is also unforgettable. Prepare to walk through deep tropical forests and charming local communities, your excitement building with each step as nature's music serves as your guide. 


While standing in front of a spectacular waterfall that cascades 35 metres, you can witness the lush greenery in a soothing embrace. But here's the true treat: at the base of the waterfall, there is a natural pool where you can swim and have a rejuvenating experience in the fresh mountain breeze.


  1. Tirta Gangga Water Palace


Do you wish to witness Bali's royal splendour? If this is the case, Tirta Gangga Water Palace is the place to go for you. This unique cultural gem in East Bali shows the island's regal heritage and architectural magnificence. Its breathtaking lush gardens, stunning Balinese sculptures, and clear spring-fed ponds, as well as the stepping stones across these pools, will undoubtedly captivate you. 


The palace was built in the early twentieth century by the Karangasem royal family as a retreat and a venue for lavish celebrations. 


Balinese people believe Tirta Gangga's holy water has healing powers, making it a spiritually significant location. The beautiful rice terraces in the surrounding area, with Mount Agung in the backdrop, make Tirta Gangga an ideal addition to your Bali itinerary.


  1. Legian


Another beautiful place to visit in Bali, Legian Beach combines Kuta's vibrant energy with a laid-back feel, giving you the best of both worlds. 


Located on Bali’s west coast, Legian is distinguished by its colourful yet serene atmosphere, which provides a welcome respite from the bustle of adjacent areas. If you want a blend of bustling nightlife, stylish shopping, and a relaxing beach experience, this is the place to go. 


Legian, with its golden sands and surfable waves, is ideal for all ages. Here you can find sophisticated beach clubs, stylish stores, and a variety of food options that create a bustling yet cosy atmosphere. Legian is your ticket to a vibrant getaway that strikes a mix of pleasure and relaxation. 


  1. Jimbaran Bay and Nusa Dua


Just 15 minutes apart - Jimbaran Bay and Nusa Dua are two special places on Bali’s eastern coast. 


Jimbaran Bay is famous for its golden sandy beach and fantastic seafood dining right by the sea. As the sun sets, it turns into a romantic spot with tables lit up by candlelight, creating a magical atmosphere. It's a perfect mix of calm beach vibes and wonderful dining experiences.


In contrast, Nusa Dua is a well-planned resort area known for its beautiful beaches, fancy hotels, and lots of things to do in the water. It's like a secret escape for those who love luxury and peace, with its quiet beaches ideal for chilling out.


Together, Jimbaran Bay and Nusa Dua offer a beautiful romantic place to visit in Bali for honeymoon. 

  1. The Woodworking Villages


Want to explore another one of distinctive and popular attractions in Bali? You should visit woodworking villages.. scattered around the island, these reflect the heart of Bali's artistic tradition. The hum of invention fills the air here, echoing Bali's rich artisanal past and workmanship. 


You can find skilled woodworkers, masters of their art, creating exquisite works ranging from traditional masks and sculptures to sleek contemporary furniture. The artistic process here is more than just carving wood; it's a trip deep into Balinese mythology and cultural symbolism, with each intricate carving conveying a tale.


These villages are more than just manufacturing centres; they are living museums, offering glimpses into centuries-old techniques passed down through generations. As a visitor, you can see the magic unfold before your eyes as artisans meticulously carve details, transforming raw wood into stunning works of art.


  1. Sidemen Village


Nestled amidst the lush landscapes, Sidemen village beckons as a perfect place to visit in Bali if you are seeking a serene escape. 


Tucked away from the bustling tourist hubs, Sidemen unfolds a picturesque panorama of terraced rice fields, traditional Balinese architecture, and a tranquil ambience that feels like a step back in time. The village exudes an authentic charm, inviting visitors to witness the unhurried pace of rural life. 


Here, you'll find hidden temples, weaving rivers, and the warm hospitality of the locals. Sidemen offers a retreat into the heart of Bali's cultural heritage, with opportunities to explore the intricacies of traditional weaving, experience local ceremonies, and savour the flavours of authentic Balinese cuisine.


  1. Goa Gajah


A visit to Goa Gajah, or the Elephant Cave, is an essential pilgrimage for anyone exploring Bali's rich cultural tapestry. This ancient archaeological site, located near Ubud, unveils a mystical journey into the island's history.


Carved into a rock face, the entrance reveals a cavern adorned with intricate stone carvings and statues, including a figure of Ganesh, the elephant-headed Hindu deity. 


Goa Gajah exudes an air of spiritual significance, with its lush surroundings and calming energy inviting contemplation and reverence. As you wander through the sacred grounds, you'll discover bathing pools and ancient relics, each telling a story of Bali's spiritual past. Beyond its historical allure, Goa Gajah offers a tranquil retreat, a place to connect with the spiritual essence of Bali while marvelling at the architectural wonders of the island's ancient civilization.


  1. Lovina Beach


Lovina Beach is a hidden gem nestled along Bali's northern coast that promises a different rhythm from the bustling southern shores. 


Lovina is not your typical beach; it boasts volcanic black sand that gives the shoreline a unique allure. What sets Lovina apart is the serene and laid-back atmosphere, offering a stark contrast to the hustle of the southern beaches. Picture this: early morning dolphin-watching excursions, where playful dolphins dance in the calm waters against the canvas of a rising sun. 


Unlike the crowded southern counterparts, Lovina is a peaceful retreat, embracing a slower pace of life. Immerse yourself in the relaxed ambience, surrounded by traditional fishing villages and scattered coral reefs offshore. Lovina is a haven for those yearning for a quieter, more authentic coastal experience in Bali. 


Take Away!


The enchantment of Bali goes far beyond its tropical surroundings and lively culture. From the tranquil surroundings of Sidemen village to the historical charm of Goa Gajah, these popular attractions on Bali offer an exciting blend of experiences. 

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