Europe Tour Packages

Europe Tour Packages

Journey Through Europe: A Tapestry of Timeless History, Architectural Wonders, and Breathtaking Landscapes Unveiled. Unleash the Beauty with HolidaysCrowd.

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About Europe Tour Packages

If you're in the midst of planning a trip to Europe, HolidaysCrowd is the ideal destination for you. No matter your travel preferences, you'll discover suitable Europe holiday packages on our platform. Whether you're seeking Europe packages for a family getaway or a romantic trip for two, whether you require guided Europe tour packages for your parents or an unconventional Europe vacation for yourself, HolidaysCrowd is here to assist you in organizing your Europe travel itinerary.

Currently, HolidaysCrowd presents a diverse selection of over 208 tour packages to Europe, with prices starting as low as Rs.20406. Explore a range of itineraries and opt for Europe travel packages with or without flights. Take advantage of our unbeatable deals and discounts, ensuring that your budget stretches further! Don't overlook the opportunity to enhance your selected Europe packages by adding tours and activities.

We meticulously curate our Europe packages by theme to help you find the perfect holiday experience. Whether you're planning a honeymoon and seeking romantic Europe packages for couples or desiring an adventurous Europe trip with friends, HolidaysCrowd has the ideal choice for you. Whether it's a brief getaway or an extended vacation, a laid-back stay or an active adventure, whatever your travel style, HolidaysCrowd offers the right Europe vacation packages.

For those in search of a luxurious holiday, explore our selection of luxury Europe packages that provide the best hotels and inclusions to indulge you during your Europe vacation. To assist you in preparing for your Europe travel, we've compiled helpful tips such as the best time to visit Europe, must-do activities in Europe, and more.

Explore India to Europe Packages from cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, and more. Additionally, discover popular Europe Theme Packages like Europe honeymoon packages, Europe adventure packages, Europe tourism, and Europe package.

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Best Europe Tour Packages in 2023


Europe Tour Packages 2023 Duration Inclusions Price
London Swiss Paris Delight Group Departure 2024 Package 10 Days/9 Nights Hotels, Flights, Activities, Transfers, Visa ₹2,25,000
Swiss Paris Delight Group Departure Oman Air Special Package 7 Days/6 Nights Hotels, Flights, Activities, Transfers, Visa ₹2,05,000
Amsterdam Swiss Paris Delight Group Departure 2024 Package 10 Days/9 Nights Hotels, Flights, Transfers, Visa ₹2,09,000
Swiss Paris Delight Group Departure 2024 Package 7 Days/6 Nights Hotels, Flights, Transfers, Visa ₹2,05,000
Jewels of Eastern Europe Group Departure 2024 Package 8 Days/7 Nights Hotels, Flights, Activities, Transfers, Visa ₹2,00,000
Majestic London & Scotland Group Departure 2024 Package 9 Days/8 Nights Hotels, Flights, Transfers ₹2,70,000
Swiss Paris Delight Group Departure Package 7 Days/6 Nights Hotels, Flights, Activities ₹2,00,000
Gems of Europe- Guided Tour Package 11 Days/10 Nights Hotels, Flights, Transfers, Visa ₹1,90,000
European Symphony- Guided Tour Package 10 Days/9 Nights Hotels, Flights, Transfers, Visa ₹1,60,000
Eastern Europe Getaway - Guided Tour Package 9 Days/8 Nights Hotels, Flights, Transfers, Visa ₹1,55,000


Explore the beauty of Europe with HolidaysCrowd's exclusive tour packages. Immerse yourself in unforgettable experiences without worrying about the details. Enjoy the best prices for your dream European vacation.


Embark on an exhilarating Summer Holiday to Europe, starting at Rs. 1,45,000, and delight in a complimentary trip to Thailand, Sri Lanka, Bali, or Vietnam!


The visually captivating continent of Europe stands as one of the most coveted destinations globally, attracting travelers eager to experience the wonders of a Europe trip. Defined by picturesque natural beauty, a rich cultural heritage, and a culinary tapestry that tantalizes the taste buds, Europe is a must-visit destination. MakeMyTrip Europe holiday packages ensure you access the finest aspects of European travel.

Europe, drawing over 480 million international visitors annually, boasts a well-preserved heritage, seamless border crossings, and efficient infrastructure, making Europe holidays convenient and hassle-free. The continent's diverse cultural tapestry unfolds uniquely in each European country, from the East to the West.

Europe travel offers a plethora of experiences within a short span. Explore the vibrant cities of France, Germany, Spain, or Scandinavia; traverse the scenic countryside of Switzerland, Scotland, England, or Iceland; or embark on a cultural journey through Austria, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, or Russia. From the enchanting Lake Bled to the artistic Amsterdam, the sophisticated Paris, the lively Budapest, and the romantic Prague, each destination possesses its own allure, captivating any Europe trip planner.

Europe is also a haven of biodiversity, ranging from the rugged Scottish Highlands and Norwegian fjords to the vineyards of France's Loire Valley, the Mediterranean coast, the Baltic and Black Seas, and the majestic Alps, creating a vast canvas for Europe tourism.

MakeMyTrip, now HolidaysCrowd, curates Europe travel packages from India, ensuring your Europe holiday, whether it's a honeymoon or a family getaway, is in safe hands.


Best time to visit Europe:


Europe tourism is a year-round pursuit, attracting visitors throughout. However, the optimal time for a Europe trip is during May and June and again in September, marking the shoulder season. These months offer pleasant weather, longer days, and fewer crowds compared to the peak season of July and August. This period is also ideal for Europe travel if you seek somewhat better prices.

While the peak season for Europe tour packages spans from May to August, the off-season, from November to March, sees fewer visitors due to colder weather. This off-season presents an opportunity for budget-friendly travel, allowing more intimate experiences with popular European attractions.

Tailor your Europe trip from India based on your preferences, whether you wish to bask in the lively summer ambiance, experience a balmy Europe climate, or revel in the enchanting scenes and Christmas markets during a white Christmas. Numerous visitors also book Europe tour packages to coincide with specific events like Oktoberfest in Munich, the Cricket World Cup, the Tomatina festival in Spain, or Halloween celebrations in Transylvania. Witnessing the Northern Lights in Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland during winter is yet another compelling reason to embark on a Europe package.


How to Reach Europe:


Surrounded by seas on three sides, with a mountainous range to the east, Europe is well-connected to the world via air, land, and sea. All major European cities are easily accessible, making a Europe tour package from India effortlessly arranged.


By Air:


An outstanding aspect of Europe tourism is its extensive air connectivity. Major European cities like London, Paris, Rome, and Amsterdam have daily direct flights to most global cities, making Europe one of the world's busiest air traffic hubs. Renowned international airlines such as Air France, Aeroflot, Finnair, Lufthansa, KLM, and Virgin Atlantic operate flights to Europe. For those embarking on a Europe tour package from India, the flight duration typically ranges from 8 to 12 hours to reach a European destination.

For Europe tour packages from Delhi, airlines like Air India, Air France, Alitalia, British Airways, KLM, and Virgin Atlantic provide direct flights. If you're looking for a Europe tour from Mumbai, airlines such as Air India, British Airways, Air France, Lufthansa, KLM, Swiss Airlines, and Virgin Atlantic offer direct flights.

Other airlines, including Emirates, Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airlines, Etihad Airlines, Oman Air, Kuwait Air, Gulf Air, and Aeroflot, provide connecting flights from various Indian cities to European destinations. Booking a Europe tour package from India with flights is easily accessible from any major Indian city.


By Train:


Upon arriving in Europe by air, the exploration can seamlessly continue by train—a highly recommended mode of transportation for exploring the continent. The Eurail pass enables comprehensive coverage of the entire continent, allowing travelers to absorb the vast essence of Europe in a single journey. Eurail’s Europe trip planner simplifies the process of planning train routes. International trains like the Inter City Express, Eurostar, and TGV are among Europe's best trains. Most European cities also boast efficient internal metro services.


By Road:


Continental Europe is well-connected by roadways, often included in Europe tour packages for convenient travel between cities and through picturesque countryside.


Europe Visa for Indians:


For Indians traveling on a Europe tour package from India, a visa is essential. Many European countries fall under a single visa category known as the Schengen Visa, with a processing time of approximately 10-15 working days. Ensure sufficient time for visa applications, and consider factors like name changes and registration formalities, especially when opting for Europe honeymoon packages.

Learn more about visa application requirements here.


Where to go on your Europe trip from India:


Europe, a vast continent of endless possibilities for explorers, offers a shortlist based on two approaches: the main cities covered in a Europe tour package and the key Europe sightseeing attractions to visit, depending on the chosen countries for your Europe trip.


Top Cities in Europe:


Paris: Known as the "City of Lights," Paris is renowned as the most romantic city in Europe, making it a dream honeymoon destination. Offering a blend of famous museums, historic churches, haute cuisine, charming sidewalk cafes, and romantic walks along the Seine, Paris is a must-visit on your Europe honeymoon package.

Rome: At the pinnacle of the best places to visit in Europe, Rome boasts a depth of cultural attractions and unique experiences. From the historic Colosseum and Forum to Michelangelo’s masterpieces in the Sistine Chapel, Rome ensures an unforgettable Europe holiday filled with art, history, and delectable flavors.

London: Standing proudly on the River Thames, London combines heritage with modernity. Explore beautiful churches and gardens, experience local markets and art events, walk over the Millennium Bridge, watch a play or musical, and savor local cuisine in this British capital.

Vienna: As the unofficial cultural capital of Europe, Vienna is a haven of ornate architecture, opera, music, historic coffee houses, and the renowned Sachertorte pastry. A popular inclusion in Europe holiday packages for culture enthusiasts.

Barcelona: Perched along the Mediterranean coast, Barcelona, with its cosmopolitan essence, offers the best of architecture, culture, and culinary delights. This Catalan city is a treasure trove for foodies and culture enthusiasts alike.

Amsterdam: Known for its canals, tulip fields, Rembrandt paintings, and creative architecture, Amsterdam is a favorite destination for memorable getaways. Indulge in delightful treats like Stroopwaafel, Poffertjes, and Frites while exploring this beautiful city.

Prague: This magical city, adorned with aesthetic bridges across the Vltava River, is one of the most romantic and beautiful destinations in Eastern Europe. Prague's historic charm captivates tourists from around the world.

Places to Visit in Europe:

Louvre Museum: The largest art museum globally, the Louvre in Paris houses iconic pieces of art, including the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, and works by masters like Raphael and Rembrandt. A must-visit for art enthusiasts on their Europe tour.

Eiffel Tower: An integral part of any Europe tour package, the Eiffel Tower in Paris offers a panoramic view of the city. Celebrating its 130th birthday, the iconic landmark is a highlight for those on France and Europe honeymoon packages.

Keukenhof Garden: Situated in Amsterdam, Keukenhof Garden is a springtime attraction, showcasing over 800 varieties of tulips. Families can enjoy flower shows, inspiring gardens, events, and a treasure hunt in this enchanting location.

Madame Tussauds: Present in six European cities, Madame Tussauds is a fascinating wax museum. Included in most Europe trip packages, visitors of all ages can admire lifelike wax figures of their idols and capture memorable photos.

London Eye: Offering breathtaking views of London, the London Eye is the tallest cantilevered observation wheel in Europe. A ride on the London Eye provides spectacular sights of the Thames River, the Houses of Parliament, and other iconic landmarks.

Tower of London: A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Tower of London is an 11th-century castle on the Thames River. History buffs can explore the Crown Jewels and learn about Britain's ruling families during free tours conducted by the Yeoman Warders.

Mt. Titlis: Located in the Swiss Alps, Mt. Titlis is a bucket-list destination for those booking a Europe trip from India. The world's first revolving gondola offers unparalleled views, with summer and winter activities like zip-lining, hiking, and skiing.

Mt. Jungfraujoch: Known as the Top of Europe, Mount Jungfraujoch is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with the world's highest railway station. A train ride to the top provides panoramic views of snow and ice in all directions.

Rhine Falls: Europe's largest waterfalls, Rhine Falls, with a height of 23 meters, are among the most scenic places to visit. Best experienced in May/June, boat trips offer close-up views, and the falls are illuminated at night during the summer months.

Colosseum: An ancient amphitheater in Rome, the Colosseum is a marvel of architecture. Built in 80 AD, it once hosted gladiator games and executions. Today, it stands as a symbol of imperial Rome, attracting visitors from around the world.

Vatican City: Considered the smallest country globally, Vatican City, an independent city-state within Rome, is the seat of the Catholic religion. Highlights include the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter's Basilica.

Disneyland Paris: A popular theme park outside Paris, Disneyland Paris is a family-friendly destination offering diverse experiences, from Pirates of the Caribbean to encounters with Mickey Mouse. With over 50 attractions, themed restaurants, and entertainment, it's a favorite for families on Europe tour packages from India.

Leaning Tower of Pisa: A must-visit during a tour of Italy, the Leaning Tower of Pisa is a free-standing bell tower of the Pisa Cathedral. Famous for its gradual lean due to settling soil, the tower is an iconic landmark for those on Europe trip packages.


What to Eat in Europe:


European cuisine is a diverse reflection of the continent's rich tapestry, shaped by the amalgamation of different countries and cultures. Your Europe trip would be incomplete without savoring some local delights.

  • Arancini in Italy: Italy's culinary fame extends beyond pizza and pasta; try the delectable Arancini – rice balls stuffed with cheese, peas, ham, breaded, and fried. A crispy and delicious snack or starter.

  • Pierogi in Poland: Poland's traditional dumplings, Pierogi, are baked in butter and served with sauerkraut, offering a comforting taste of the country.

  • Waffles in Belgium: Belgium is renowned for its waffles. Enjoy them the Belgian way – lightly dusted with powdered sugar for a simple yet delightful sweet treat.

  • Cheese Fondue in Switzerland: Indulge in the Swiss love for cheese with Cheese Fondue, a dish of molten cheese that promises a rich and satisfying experience.

  • Goulash in Hungary: A hearty Hungarian stew, Goulash is a thick concoction of meat and vegetables seasoned with paprika, sometimes served in a bread bowl for added charm.

  • Currywurst in Germany: A German favorite, Currywurst is a steamed and fried sausage, topped with ketchup and curry powder – a popular and quick delight.

  • Palatschinken in Austria: Vienna's sweet treat, Palatschinken, an Austrian crepe, is often served with apricot jam or fresh cottage cheese, showcasing the city's dessert mastery.

  • Köttbullar in Sweden: Elevating the humble meatball, Sweden's Köttbullar combines ground meat, breadcrumbs, and spices, often served with potatoes, noodles, or spaghetti.

  • Haggis in Scotland: Scotland's unique dish, Haggis, blends minced sheep liver, oatmeal, and spices. Traditionally boiled in a sheep's stomach, vegetarian versions are also available.

  • Herring in Netherlands: A symbol of Dutch cuisine, herring is a small silvery fish, widely featured in traditional dishes. A must-try seafood delicacy during your Europe holiday.

Apart from these culinary delights, explore beer in the Czech Republic, crepes in France, stew in Ireland, tapas in Spain, and fish and chips in England. These gastronomic adventures will add flavor to your Europe tour from India.


Indian Restaurants in Europe:


If the craving for Indian cuisine strikes during your Europe tour from India, fret not. Here are some recommendations for Indian restaurants in Europe:

  • Paris: Bhojan; Bombay Villa
  • Amsterdam: Bombay Palace; Restaurant India Port aan de Amstel
  • Mannheim: Indian Palace Mannheim
  • Venice: Bombay Spice
  • Rome: Indian Affairs Restaurant
  • Zurich: Urban Spice; Tandoor Haus
  • Berlin: Aapka Restaurant
  • Prague: Indian by Nature
  • Munich: Maharani Restaurant
  • Milan: Restorante Aangan Milan
  • Budapest: Indigo Restaurant; Mr. Masala
  • Linz: Namaste India
  • Vienna: Goa Restaurant


Interesting Things to Do in Europe:


Deciding what to do on your Europe vacation is a delightful challenge with endless possibilities. The activities you choose will depend on your interests, the places you visit, and the time you have. Europe offers a plethora of cool and interesting activities for everyone.

  • Winery Biking Tour: Adventure lovers and cycling enthusiasts can embark on a multi-day biking tour through charming European countryside, visiting vineyards, exploring grape cultivation, and enjoying local wines and cuisine. This experience is available in renowned wine-growing regions like Burgundy, Bordeaux, Tuscany, Douro Valley, and Rioja.

  • Pub Crawls: For those who enjoy vibrant nightlife, bar hopping or pub crawls are popular activities. Many European cities, including Prague, Budapest, Amsterdam, and Dublin, offer cheap pub crawl options, providing a great way to relax, make new friends, and experience the local nightlife.

  • Driving a Ferrari in Italy: Live the dream of driving a Ferrari in Italy, either on open roads around Florence or on a test track in Milan. It's an exhilarating experience, offering various journey lengths and even a Ferrari racing experience with a professional instructor.

  • Bungee Jumping in Switzerland: Switzerland, with its stunning landscapes, is an ideal destination for bungee jumping. Try iconic jumps like the Golden Eye Bungee Jump at Contra Dam or the Centovalli Bridge Bungee Jump near Locarno for a thrilling adventure.

  • Taking a Eurail Trip: Discover the scenic beauty of Europe through a convenient and enjoyable train journey with a Eurail pass. Covering 31 countries, a Eurail pass provides accessibility to various destinations without the hassle of individual tickets. It's a recommended addition to your Europe trip package.

  • Visiting De Wallen in Amsterdam: Explore Amsterdam's historic district, De Wallen, also known as the Red Light District. Apart from its famous peep-shows and red-lit windows, discover quaint shops, designer studios, pubs, and restaurants in this vibrant area.

  • Beach Parties in Ibiza: For beach lovers and party enthusiasts, Ibiza, off the coast of Spain, is renowned for its vibrant party scene. Beaches like Las Salinas, Playa d’en Bossa, and Cala Jondal offer beach clubs, thrilling rides, and entertainment for day and night revelry.

  • Free Walking Tours: Nearly every major European destination offers free walking tours, providing a great way to explore the city, learn about its history, and meet fellow travelers. Locals often lead these tours, sharing insights and recommendations.

  • Food Tasting Tours: Indulge your taste buds with food tours or walks available in almost every European destination. Led by local chefs or food enthusiasts, these tours offer insights into Europe's culinary heritage, allowing you to savor diverse types of food.

  • Oktoberfest in Munich: For beer enthusiasts, Oktoberfest in Munich is a must-visit. This world's largest folk festival, held from September end to the first weekend in October, features parades, music, beer tents, rides, and contests, attracting millions of visitors.

  • Tomorrowland in Belgium: Electronic Dance Music (EDM) fans should not miss Tomorrowland in Belgium. One of the world's most popular EDM festivals, Tomorrowland spans two weekends, showcasing over 1000 artists, cutting-edge stage designs, and spectacular fireworks.

  • Hiking in The Scottish Highlands: Explore the picturesque Scottish Highlands with unexplored hiking routes, charming villages, ancient castles, and breathtaking landscapes – a paradise for photography enthusiasts.

  • Feel The Greek Vibes in the Cyclades: Experience the tranquility of the Cyclades in Greece, offering a different perspective from bustling Santorini. This remote Aegean destination features pebbled streets, hilly trails, old wooden windmills, and a perfect countryside experience.

Whether you are drawn to Europe for its natural beauty, cultural heritage, idyllic villages, or vibrant cities, Europe holiday packages cater to a diverse range of interests. Whether you're seeking Europe honeymoon packages or family-friendly options, don't hesitate to start shortlisting your favorite Europe tour packages. Plan your Europe trip with HolidaysCrowd and save while experiencing the splendors of natural beauty, ancient heritage, picturesque villages, and lively cities.


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Classical Spain (Europamundo Special)
7N / 8D
Classical Spain (Europamundo Special)
Madrid (2N)→Granada (1N)→Seville (2N)→Barcelona (2N)


4.8 (2.5k)
Per person
Book Now
Passionate Paris 3N-4D International Customized Tour Package With Optional Flight
3N / 4D
Passionate Paris 3N-4D International Customized Tour Package With Optional Flight
Paris (3N)


4.5 (2.5k)
Per person
Book Now
Mountain Delight - Switzerland Tour
7N / 8D
Mountain Delight - Switzerland Tour
Lucerne (3N)→Interlaken (2N)→Zurich (2N)


4.7 (2.5k)
Per person
Book Now
6-Night Christmas Itinerary in Poland with Krakow and Warsaw
6N / 7D
6-Night Christmas Itinerary in Poland with Krakow and Warsaw
Krakow (3N)→Warsaw (3N)


4.3 (2.5k)
Per person
Book Now
European Whirl 14N-15D International Tour Package With Flight
14N / 15D
European Whirl 14N-15D International Tour Package With Flight
London (2N)→Paris (2N)→Belgium (2N)→Germany (1N)


4.6 (2.5k)
Per person
Book Now
Trending Tyrol 4N/5D International Customized Tour Package With Optional Flight
4N / 5D
Trending Tyrol 4N/5D International Customized Tour Package With Optional Flight
Innsbruck (2N)→Otztal (2N)


4.5 (2.5k)
Per person
Book Now
Explore Georgia 7N/8D International Customized Tour Package With Optional Flight
7N / 8D
Explore Georgia 7N/8D International Customized Tour Package With Optional Flight
Tbilisi (3N)→Batumi (2N)→Tbilisi (2N)


4.3 (2.5k)
Per person
Book Now
  UK Delights With Ireland (Summer 2024)
12N / 13D
UK Delights With Ireland (Summer 2024)
London (2N)→Birmingham (1N)→Manchester (1N)→Glasgow (2N)


4.5 (2.5k)
Per person
Book Now
European Getaway (Summer 2024)
7N / 8D
European Getaway (Summer 2024)
Frankfurt (1N)→Eindhoven (2N)→Belgium (1N)→Paris (3N)


4.6 (2.5k)
Per person
Book Now
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Frequently Asked Questions
Europe Tour Packages

What is the best time to visit Europe?

The best time to visit Europe is during the summer. The weather is perfect and there are a host of festivals and events which are planned around this time specifically.

Which is the best European country to visit?

France. It has a little of everything – culture, chic people, beautiful natural landscapes, delicious food, the Alps and cheese!

Where should I start my European trip?

The best way to go about your European trip would be to begin in London. From there, you can travel to Paris via the English Channel that you can cross by ferry.

What is a suitable itinerary for a first-time traveler to Europe?

The best Europe itinerary for a first-time visitor to the continent would either include a trip to France and Switzerland, Spain, or Eastern Europe.

What does it cost to travel to Europe?

If you are travelling on a budget, you will need an estimated average of about INR 4000 to 6500 per day if this is in Western Europe. The average will be slightly lower if you were to pick Eastern Europe. However, be mindful of the fact that this does not entail the cost of your air tickets or any other form of transportation.

Would I require a travel insurance?

While it is not a necessity, it is however better to have one. Your OTA from whom you buy your Europe holiday package can arrange the same for you.

Should I be carrying my Euros and Pounds before leaving for the trip?

Do not carry too much cash in hand when starting your journey because your local bank may not be able to provide you with the best exchange rate. About 200 Euros are good to begin with. But once you arrive in Europe and you begin to withdraw the cash from ATMs, you are expected to get a better currency valuation. A multi-currency card always comes in handy and is a good idea to carry one on your trip.

Would I need a separate phone number in Europe?

You can buy a local SIM or get an international plan worked out by your service provider in your home country. But when buying data card etc you would need to produce valid documents such as passport at the point of sales.

Which is the cheapest country in Europe to visit?

As contrary to the popular belief that Europe is quite expensive to tour, there are several countries on the continent which are ideal for budget trips too. Some of the top recommendations are the Czech Republic, Poland, Greece, and Hungary.

How safe is Europe for female travelers?

Europe is one of the safest destinations for female travelers, and most parts of the continent have minimal figures of crimes against females. So it can be said that Europe is safe even for female solo travelers.