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Treks in Meghalaya

Treks in Meghalaya

26 December 2023

11 Most Popular Trails for Trekking in Meghalaya

Have you ever wondered what it's like to walk amidst nature's untouched wonders, where every step unveils a new spectacle? That’s what Meghalaya offers you. 


Nestled in northeastern India, Meghalaya entices adventurers, nature enthusiasts, and culture lovers alike. The lush landscapes, mystical caves, captivating waterfalls, and rich cultural heritage make Meghalaya an attractive destination for your next vacation. 


And what better way to explore its misty forests and serene villages than through trekking? Fortunately, you’ll find many amazing and safe treks in Meghalaya - all offering stunning views of its ethereal nature. 


Let's dive into the best trails for trekking in Meghalaya, promising not only adventure but also an up-close encounter with the state's vibrant culture.



Here’s the list of the best trekking trails in Meghalaya.


1. David Scott’s Trail

2. Nongriat Village Trek

3. Bamboo Trek Meghalaya

4. Dawki Trek

5. Nokrek National Park Trek

6. Rhododendron Trek

7. Mawlyngot Trek Meghalaya

8. Umden Village Trek

9. Weiloi to Umngi Trek

10. Smit Trek

11. Mawlongbna Village Trek




Difficulty Level: Moderate

Trek Length: 16 kilometres

Trek Duration: 5 to 6 hours

Starting Point: Mawphlang village


  • Mawsahew Village

  • Simpanghang Falls

  • The fresh Umiam River

  • Historical remnants of David Scott's era


One of the best trails for trekking in Meghalaya, David Scott Trail is named after the British administrator who worked in the Khasi hills from 1802 to 1832. Starting from the picturesque village of Mawphlang, renowned for its sacred forest, the trail winds its way through lush landscapes, quaint villages, and dense forests, concluding at Lad Mawphlang.


Why should you try it? The David Scott’s Trail in Meghalaya offers a unique blend of adventure, history, and natural beauty. You will enjoy panoramic views of Meghalaya's landscapes, glimpses into its colonial past, and encounters with local culture.



Difficulty Level: Easy

Trek Length: 7 Kilometres

Trek Duration: 3 to 4 hours

Starting Point: Village of Tyrna


  • Double Decker Living Root Bridge over the Umshiang River

  • Multicoloured waterfalls


Nongriat Trek in Meghalaya offers an exhilarating journey through lush landscapes and natural wonders. Starting from Tyrna village and leading to Nongriat, this trek winds through dense forests, and vibrant flora, and culminates at the iconic Double Decker Living Root Bridge—an indigenous engineering marvel and one of the must-see places to visit in Meghalaya. Beyond its physical challenge, the trek unveils the serene beauty of Meghalaya's landscapes.



Difficulty Level: Difficult

Trek Length: Approximately 4 kilometres

Trek Duration: Allow several hours for a leisurely exploration

Starting Point: Wahkhen Village


  • Breathtaking Wahrew River

  • Mawkhlieng Cliff


Bamboo Trek is one of the scariest treks in Meghalaya known for enchanting discoveries and breathtaking vistas. Also known as the Mawrynkhang trek, it starts from Wahkhen Village in the Pynursla Tehsil of East Khasi Hills. Villagers construct sturdy bamboo bridges without government assistance, leading to a transition from serenity to the fear of a steep bamboo bridge. Climbing higher reveals hidden waterfalls at every turn. 


The final stretch involves a challenging climb up a ladder to the impressive "U Mawryngkhang" stone, known as the king of stones. Reaching this point is rewarding, offering a breathtaking view of clouds, lush green forests, and waterfalls that paint a canvas of nature. The Bamboo trek in Meghalaya is a thrilling adventure that combines fear, reward, and the beauty of Meghalaya's landscapes.



Difficulty Level: Easy

Trek Length: Approximately 12 kilometres

Trek Duration: 5 to 6 hours

Starting Point: Dawki town


  • Dawki Market

  • Crystal-clear Umngot River with transparent waters

  • Vibrant aquatic life in the Umngot River

  • India-Bangladesh Border


One of the best treks in Meghalaya, the Dawki trek begins in the charming town of Dawki, navigating through lush green landscapes, quaint villages, and captivating scenery. The major attraction of this trek is the crystal-clear Umngot River, known for its transparency and vibrant aquatic life. 


The trek culminates at the Tamabil Dawki Road, offering a perfect blend of adventure and scenic beauty. Along the way, trek over steep hills and rocks, relishing the spectacular beauty of this region situated along the border of India and Bangladesh. On your return, you can explore Jaflong Zero Point - known for its stunning stone accumulation. 



Difficulty Level: Moderate-difficult

Trek Length: Approximately 8 to 10 kilometers

Trek Duration: Typically takes around 6 hours

Starting Point: Park entrance


  • Dense forests

  • Rare species of birds and animals

  • Panoramic vistas of hills and valleys


One of India’s popular biosphere reserves, Nokrek offers a perfect place for trekking in Meghalaya. Located in West Garo Hills this park offers the perfect blend of dense forests, charming villages, and panoramic vistas of surrounding hills and valleys. Here you can discover treasures like the world's oldest wild citrus species and the rare Hoolock Gibbon. 


While trekking, you will come across cascading waterfalls, rivers, brooks, makeshift bridges and the opportunity to see the indigenous culture of the Garo tribes in remote villages. Unlike other treks in Meghalaya, you can choose to travel by car, foot, or a mix of both in Nokrek National Park.



Difficulty Level: Easy

Trek Length: Approximately 6 kilometres

Trek Duration: 3 to 4 hours

Starting Point: Shillong 101


  • Picturesque landscapes

  • Blooming Rhododendron flowers

  • Shillong Peak


The Rhododendron Trek is among the easiest and safest treks in Meghalaya. Surrounded by pine tree-adorned hills, this trail offers a refreshing experience. You will find flowing brooks along the climb, which enhances the picturesque splendour. 


About an hour and a half into the trek, the landscape transforms, revealing numerous Rhododendron trees. The branches adorned with Rhododendron flowers create a picturesque scene, infusing the surroundings with natural beauty. Moving deeper into the dense forest, the trek becomes a feast for the eyes, with Rhododendron flowers in abundance. If you're a photography enthusiast, this trek in Shillong is the best for you.


Tip: Rhododendrons only blossom from late winter to early summer, specifically from late February to late April. Plan your Meghalaya trip during this period to capture this vibrant spectacle.



Difficulty Level: Easy

Trek Length: Approximately 6 kilometres

Trek Duration: 2 to 3 hours

Starting Point: A trailhead near Mawlyngot


  • Dense forests with unique flora and fauna

  • Mawlyngot tea gardens

  • Smit and Laitlum canyons 


Settled at 4800 feet in the Eastern Khasi hills, Mawlyngot village, just a short drive from Shillong, stands as Meghalaya's tea capital. Surrounded by picturesque tea farms and graced by the serene Umsong River, the trek from the village leads through a lush forest, up a gentle hill, culminating at the banks of the Umsong River. 


This enchanting journey promises a truly magical experience. Additionally, an extended trek is possible, leading from the Umsong River to the neighbouring town of Pynursla.


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Difficulty Level: Easy

Trek Length: Approximately 18 kilometres

Trek Duration: 9 to 10 hours

Starting Point: Umden Village


  • Witnessing and understanding the step-by-step process of silk manufacturing

  • CFT rock garden


Another awesome trail for trekking in Meghalaya, Umden Village, known as the silk haven of the region, offers a delightful and adventurous experience. This trek provides an intimate experience with the local culture, offering insights into the cultivation of Eri silk amidst acres of lush forests. 


Perfect for beginners, the Umden Village trek in Meghalaya unfolds through picturesque tea estates, strawberry fields, and charming rural landscapes. You’ll get to explore village life and relish the tranquillity. For adventure seekers, there's even an option for mountain biking along this delightful journey, adding an extra thrill to your exploration.


9. Weiloi to Umngi Trek


Difficulty Level: Difficult

Trek Length: Approximately 18 kilometres

Trek Duration: 6 to 7 hours

Starting Point: Weiloi village


  • Umngi hot water springs

  • Gorgeous views


If you're looking for a nature-filled day adventure, the Weiloi to Umngi Trek in Meghalaya is perfect. This trek, tucked away in a secluded region, might not be widely known among travellers. 


Starting from Weiloi village, 50 kilometres from Shillong, the journey gradually gets more challenging, taking you through tricky slopes and breathtaking scenery until you reach Umngi Village. At the end of your journey, stunning hot springs will truly captivate you. 


10. Smit Trek


Difficulty Level: Easy

Trek Duration: 1 day

Starting Point: Scenic town of Smit


  • Picturesque landscapes

  • Lush greenery

  • Lakes and ponds


If you are planning a trek in Shillong? One of the most popular trails in Meghalaya, Smit Trek is a great choice for a scenic experience. It starts at the State Library and finishes at Crinoline Falls, taking about two days.


The trail is not too tough, making it perfect for a family adventure. You'll mostly walk on cemented roads, and there are plenty of bed and breakfast spots along the way to take breaks. 


11. Mawlongbna Village Trek


Difficulty Level: Moderate

Trek Duration: 1 day

Starting Point: Scenic Mawlongbna Village


  • Fossil Area 

  • Umkhakoi Reservoir


Here’s one of the most exciting trails for trekking in Meghalaya - Mawlongbna Village. From camping and trekking to trying out thrilling activities, you can do it all here. This short trek not only lets you enjoy nature but also includes an overnight stay in the village.


This tour is a nature and adventure lover's dream, with stops at prehistoric fossils, ziplining through the rainforest, and kayaking at Umkhakoi Reservoir. Explore the community's forest, discover some rare birds, and take in nature's brilliant colours. 


Take Away!


As we near the end of our journey of discovering top trails for trekking in Meghalaya, it's time for you to dive into these incredible adventures. Whether it's the hidden beauty of Weiloi or the spectacular Dawki Trek, Meghalaya has something for everyone who enjoys exploring nature on foot. 


Are you excited to begin your hiking adventure? Simply book your Meghalaya tour package and let these trails serve as the backdrop for your next spectacular trip.

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