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Top reasons to visit Sikkim

Top reasons to visit Sikkim

13 December 2023

17 Reasons Why You Should Visit Sikkim in 2024


Sikkim, set in the Himalayas, entices tourists with its breathtaking landscapes and lively culture. This second-smallest state in India is famous for its spectacular views of Kanchenjunga, bustling festivals, lush forests, and friendly residents.  


From the tranquil Tsomgo Lake to the lively capital, Gangtok, Sikkim offers numerous wonderful experiences for nature lovers, adventure seekers, and culture enthusiasts alike.


Read on to discover the best reasons to visit Sikkim and immerse yourself in the magic of the Eastern Himalayas.  


  1. A Morning Symphony with Majestic Kanchenjunga


One of the top reasons that Sikkim is famous for - the formidable Mt. Kanchenjunga. Standing proudly as the world's third-highest peak, it reveals a panoramic masterpiece with each dawn. As the first light delicately touches its snow-capped summit, the entire horizon transforms into a canvas of ethereal beauty. 


  1. Diverse Landscapes - Best Reason to Visit Sikkim


From snow-capped mountains to lush green valleys, Sikkim boasts diverse landscapes. One moment, the serene embrace of snow-capped mountains surrounds you, and in the blink of an eye, you enter a vibrant, lush green valley.  


The beauty lies in these unexpected transitions, where each turn in Sikkim's topography paints a distinct picture, making every day of your journey a thrilling chapter. 


  1. Enchanting Buddhist Monasteries


Sikkim has around 200 monasteries. These monastic marvels are without a doubt among the top Sikkim attractions. These architectural masterpieces reveal a serene setting where you can feel the calm in the air while embarking on a spiritual journey. and discover architectural treasures that are more than just structures. 

Rumtek and Pemayangtse Monasteries are two of the most well-known, with whispers of serenity echoing around every corner. 


  1. Tea Gardens of Temi - The Essence of Sikkim


You can experience the true essence of Sikkim by savouring tea from the captivating Temi Tea Garden. It's a journey into authenticity, one sip at a time.  


Nestled amidst lush greenery, this picturesque tea estate beckons you to experience the true essence of the region, encapsulated in the simple pleasure of each cup. the soothing aroma and rich flavours will for sure transport you to the heart of Sikkim's natural beauty, one tea-filled moment at a time. 


  1. Cholamu Lake - A Majestic Oasis in Sikkim's Himalayas


Nestled in the pristine landscapes of Sikkim, Cholamu Lake beckons with its untouched beauty and tranquillity. As one of the highest lakes in the world, situated at an elevation of about 17,800 feet, the journey to Cholamu Lake itself is an adventure. 


The mesmerizing alpine scenery, surrounded by snow-capped peaks, creates a breathtaking panorama that captivates every visitor. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, an adventure seeker, or simply someone seeking serene beauty, 


  1. Sikkim's Festivals - A Symphony of Colors and Traditions


Here’s another fantastic reason to visit Sikkim - the colourful festivals. From the vibrant hues of Losar to the grandeur of Dasain and the joyous celebration of Tihar, the festivals in Sikkim offer a front-row seat to the state’s rich culture and heritage.


Join in the festivities, where every beat and every shade tells a story of tradition, making your journey through Sikkim truly unforgettable. 


  1. Sikkim's Adventure Wonderland - A Thrill-Seeker's Paradise


Do you enjoy going on adventures? If yes, Sikkim is a perfect getaway for you. Offering a tapestry of exhilarating experiences. The state beckons as your ultimate playground. 


Whether trekking through mesmerising landscapes, conquering river rapids, soaring through the skies with paragliding, or feeling the rush of mountain biking, each adrenaline-pumping activity becomes a thrilling chapter in your adventure story. 


Interesting fact: Did you know that Sikkim has 84 glaciers? - The state has the most glaciers in India. 

  1. The Spellbinding Beauty of Tsomgo Lake


Tsomgo Lake, a high-altitude glacial lake in East Sikkim, is a magical haven where crystal-clear waters mirror the expansive sky, forming a mesmerizing natural mirror. Nestled amid majestic snow-capped peaks, this serene location is where nature's poetry unfolds in every gentle ripple. 


One of the best places to visit in Sikkim, Tsomgo Lake gracefully expresses the beauty of Sikkim's landscapes, inviting you to immerse yourself in the tranquillity and wonder of this breathtaking destination. 


  1. Pelling's Serenity


If you're seeking reasons why Sikkim is famous, Pelling should be at the top of your list.  


Pelling, one of the top attractions in Sikkim, allows you to relax with Himalayan vistas. 


This stunning hill station in Sikkim's Gyalshing district offers breathtaking views of the Himalayas. The old Pemayangtse Monastery will lead you on a journey of calm and spirituality in this tranquil hamlet. 


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  1. Yuksom - The First Capital of Sikkim


Yuksom, Sikkim's first capital, is an ideal Sikkim attraction for those looking for history and tranquillity. When you enter Yuksom, you are entering the roots of Sikkim's past, as symbolised by the Coronation Throne and the Dubdi Monastery. The stone buildings that exist as witnesses to past coronations relate stories of a bygone period.  


Yuksom unfolds like an open book among the gorgeous scenery, allowing you to trace the footsteps of the past and immerse yourself in the serene ambience of this historic town.  


  1. Gurudongmar Lake's High-altitude Splendor


At the height of 5,183 m above sea level, Gurudongmar Lake stands as a testament to nature's grandeur. Surrounded by pristine snow, it's a place where silence speaks louder than words, and the beauty is beyond comprehension. And did you know that even at that altitude, it doesn't completely freeze? 


  1.  Floral Symphony of Sikkim


The breathtaking Rhododendron forest at the foothills of Mount Kanchenjunga is another perfect reason to visit Sikkim. Nature becomes an artist in this gorgeous state, embellishing the canvas with vivid orchids, rhododendrons, and exotic vegetation. Each sanctuary and national park adds to the enthralling story of Sikkim's biodiversity.  


Interesting fact: Sikkim is the only state in India that has increased its forest cover. 


  1.  Nathula Pass - A Glimpse into India's Might and Majestic Landscapes!


Another popular place to visit in Sikkim that will inspire you with thrill and wonder - the iconic Nathula Pass. This historic mountain pass on the Indo-China border was formerly part of the ancient Silk Road. Aside from its military significance, Nathula Pass offers spectacular views of nature's majesty.  


Set off on a journey to this famous mountain pass, which sits at 14,450 feet in height. Admire the Himalayan panorama while learning about India's military might, with each step a step into history and beautiful beauty. 


  1.  The Dance of Seven Sisters Waterfall


A captivating natural spectacle Seven Sister Waterfalls, around 32 km from Gangtok, features seven unique waterfalls delicately organised on a rugged cliff, each springing to life following the soothing touch of the monsoon. The water produces a breathtaking symphony as it plunges over lush foliage and steep rocks, providing a must-see scene.  


This entire surrounding transforms into a photographer's dream, especially during the gorgeous sunset. Isn't that a compelling reason to visit Sikkim? 


  1.  Sikkimese Cuisine - A Culinary Delight


Sikkimese cuisine is a delightful adventure for your taste buds, offering a unique blend of flavours that reflect the rich culture. Momos, delightful dumplings packed with spiced meats or veggies, and thukpa, a hearty noodle soup are great for warming up in the Himalayan chill. But what makes Sikkimese cuisine truly special is its use of organic ingredients and traditional cooking methods.


Gundruk, a fermented leafy green, and phagshapa, succulent pork strips cooked with radishes, showcase the diversity and authenticity of Sikkimese flavours. The use of local herbs and spices adds a distinct touch, creating dishes that are not just meals but culinary experiences. Don't forget to try Chaang, or millet beer, the traditional drink. 


Interesting fact: Sikkim is India’s first and only fully organic state. 


  1.  The Cultural Panorama of Sikkim


In the heart of Sikkim's multiculturalism, you'll find a vibrant mix that reflects the kindness and diversity of its people. Here you will find yourself surrounded by traditional music, rhythmic dances, and intriguing art forms. Every area echoes the rich tradition of this Himalayan jewel, from the exuberant celebrations of festivals like Losar, Dasain, and Tihar to the quiet ambience of monasteries like Rumtek and Pemayangtse.


But it's not just about the festivals; it's about everyday life ingrained with a sense of tranquillity and community. The cultural essence of Sikkim is not limited to monuments; you can find it in the smiles of people and the everyday moments that unfold against the backdrop of the stunning landscape. 


  1.  Homestays - Sikkim’s Homely Retreat


Do you want to experience the warmth of Sikkimese culture? If so, opt for homestays - a unique and authentic opportunity to engage with people and learn about their daily lives. These cosy retreats provide more than a place to stay; they provide an up-close glimpse into Sikkim's rich traditions and welcoming hospitality. You may enjoy homemade meals, learn local customs, and make lasting experiences while immersing yourself in the Sikkimese way of life.  


Wondering how to book for homestays? That's simple. Choose a good Sikkim tour package that would include options for various living arrangements, including homestays. 


Let Experts Plan Your Sikkim Vacation! 


From the breathtaking views of Mt. Kanchenjunga to the fascinating monasteries, each moment in Sikkim is a page in a unique travel story. Its majestic landscapes, delicious cuisine, vibrant culture, and unparalleled experiences are enough reasons to visit Sikkim.   


Ready to go exploring? Let Holidays Crowd's travel experts create the ideal itinerary for your dream vacation. Book your Sikkim vacation today and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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