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Sikkim is all set to welcome the guests as a proud State in India.

Sikkim is all set to welcome the guests as a proud State in India.

21 November 2023

It is to inform all tourists that only extreme Northern part of Sikkim is not accessible. All the other destinations of the state are open for tourists and there is no any untoward situation as the impact of flood in Teesta has since normalized.

Therefore, all the regions of Sikkim under different districts viz Gangtok. Namchi, Soreng, Pakyong and Gyalshing are safe to visit and the weather conditions in these areas are very soothing in this festive season.

Sikkim is all set to welcome the guests as a proud State in India to be featured in the prestigious list of Coolest Destination to visit in 2024 by National Geographic.

We are delighted to inform you that the majority of Sikkim's breathtaking destinations are fully accessible and ready to be explored. While the extreme northern part of Sikkim is temporarily inaccessible, the rest of the state invites you with open arms. Recent circumstances, such as the impact of the flood in the Teesta River, have been effectively managed, and normalcy has been restored.

Current Situation: The regions encompassing Gangtok, Namchi, Soreng, Pakyong, and Gyalshing are not only safe but also offer a picturesque and serene atmosphere, perfect for a memorable holiday. The weather conditions in these areas are particularly pleasant, making it an ideal time to visit, especially during this festive season.

Sikkim's Resilience: Sikkim, known for its resilience and beauty, has overcome challenges and is eager to showcase its charm to visitors. The state's commitment to safety and recovery ensures that your travel experience will be smooth and enjoyable.

Welcoming Guests with Pride: Sikkim takes pride in being featured in the prestigious list of Coolest Destinations to Visit in 2024 by National Geographic. This recognition is a testament to the unique blend of natural wonders, cultural richness, and warm hospitality that Sikkim has to offer.

Your Journey Awaits: As you plan your trip, rest assured that Sikkim's tourism infrastructure is well-prepared to host guests. The local communities are excited to share their traditions, cuisines, and stories with you, creating an immersive experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Explore, Experience, and Enjoy: Whether you are drawn to the vibrant streets of Gangtok, the tranquility of Namchi, the scenic beauty of Soreng, the modern marvels of Pakyong, or the cultural richness of Gyalshing, Sikkim has something for every traveler.

Safety First: While enjoying your visit, please adhere to local guidelines and respect the natural environment. Your safety and the preservation of Sikkim's beauty are of utmost importance.

Come, be a part of Sikkim's journey of resilience, and let the vibrant landscapes and warm hospitality make your visit truly unforgettable.

See you in Sikkim!

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