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Reasons why Shillong is called Scotland of the East

Reasons why Shillong is called Scotland of the East

18 December 2023

Top 13 Reasons Why Shillong is Called Scotland of the East

Have you ever dreamed of wandering the enchanting landscapes of Scotland, that small but mighty European gem? Maybe the price tag made you hesitate.


Well, guess what? There's a way to savour those Scotland vibes without emptying your pockets! Shillong, the beautiful capital of Meghalaya offers a pocket-friendly glimpse of Europe right here in India. Nestled in northeastern India, this gem entices travellers with its enchanting beauty and captivating charm. 


Thanks to its resemblances to the European country, Shillong is often referred to as the "Scotland of the East." While both places boast unique charms, the striking similarities might leave you questioning if you've genuinely visited Scotland once you step into Shillong. 


Let's explore the reasons justifying this comparison that will undoubtedly spark your eagerness to experience Shillong at least once in your lifetime.


1. Rolling Hills and Breathtaking Landscapes


The very essence of Shillong lies in its rolling hills and breathtaking landscapes. Picture-perfect scenery awaits at every turn, making it feel like a journey through the scenic highlands of Scotland.


Shillong's undulating and beautiful hills bear a striking resemblance to the Scottish highlands. Wander through Shillong Peak for a closer look, and you'll be welcomed by a spectacular view reminiscent of Scotland's great highlands.


2. Hill Station Vibes


Shillong's high altitude and cool climate make it a top-notch hill station escape. With crisp mountain air and serene surroundings, it's the ideal break for those seeking a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The refreshing breeze and elevated atmosphere recall the serenity of Scotland's picturesque retreats.


3. Cascading Waterfalls


In the heart of Shillong, popular tourist places like the dramatic Elephant Falls and the awe-inspiring Shillong Peak Falls steal the show with their stunning waterfalls. These cascading waters are reminiscent of Scotland's mesmerising falls, like the Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye.


4. Misty Weather and Ethereal Atmosphere


Another reason why Shillong is called the Scotland of the East is the weather. Shillong's misty ambience, especially during the monsoons, creates an ethereal atmosphere, wrapping the hills in a gentle fog. It's like stepping into a dream, surrounded by the misty beauty that echoes the famous landscapes of Scotland, such as the misty glens of the Scottish Highlands.


5. Historic Golf Courses


For those with a penchant for golf, Shillong offers a unique experience. The Shillong Golf Course, one of Asia's oldest, presents a challenging game amid the rolling hills.  It's a golfing experience akin to playing on Scotland's historic courses.


6. Colonial-Era Architecture


Wander through the city, and you'll encounter colonial-era architecture that transports you to a bygone era. The British legacy is evident in the structures like the Shillong Club and All Saints' Cathedral. These Shillong tourism attractions reflect the architectural elegance of Scotland's old buildings.


7. Pine-Covered Hills


The hills surrounding Shillong are adorned with pine trees, creating a soothing green canopy. 

Strolling through these pine-covered hills is like wandering through the tranquil forests that characterize Scotland's landscapes. When you go towards Shillong Peak, you'll encounter the beauty of numerous pine forests at their finest.


8. Cultural Fusion


Shillong is a vibrant combination of tribal and cosmopolitan cultures, influenced especially by Scottish missionaries. This distinct blend contributes to the city's identity. Local tribes, like the Scots, take delight in presenting traditional acts, offering an intriguing experience for onlookers. You can even join in, but be careful not to ruin the fun for others.


9. Presbyterian Church and Celtic Influence


The towering Presbyterian Church in Shillong stands as a tribute to the Celtic influence brought by Scottish missionaries. Its architecture and spiritual essence create a serene atmosphere similar to Scotland's historic churches.


10. Serene Lakes and Water Bodies


Popular tourist places in Shillong like Umiam Lake and Ward's Lake invite visitors to unwind by their shores. These serene water bodies not only enhance the visual appeal but also offer opportunities for boating and leisurely walks, much like the lakes of Scotland.


11. Musical Vibes and Festivals


The reason why Shillong is called Scotland of the East is not just limited to its landscapes. Its vibrant local music scene also harmonises with Scotland's rich musical heritage. As the "Rock Capital of India," Shillong throbs with an energetic music scene, where festivals and events resonate with the lively spirit akin to Scotland's rhythmic beats.


12. Meandering Roads


As you traverse through Shillong's meandering roads winding through hills and valleys, you'll find a driving experience reminiscent of Scotland's scenic routes. The journey itself is as enchanting as the destination. Take, for instance, the winding road to Mawphlang Sacred Forest, which provides a driving adventure similar to Scotland's renowned scenic routes, such as the North Coast 500.


13. Whisky Heritage 


Shillong and Scotland have another thing in common: a deep love of spirits. Whisky, like it does in Scotland, has a significant place in Shillong's culture. The similarities between the two regions go beyond simply enjoying the drink; it's about how whisky contributes to the overall setting, creating a nostalgic aura that connects Shillong's whisky tradition with Scotland's famous distilleries.


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